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Zenithtel develops compact modular based open optical transport network solution. It includes lots of industrial innovations to evolve next generation optical core and access network for data center interconnection, enterprise networking, mobile xhaul and last mile residential broadband. Compact modular platforms have been adopted by all types of network operators, including internet content providers (ICP), communication service providers (CSPs), cable/multiple-systems operators (MSOs) and many others for a wide variety of applications.


The compact modular based product has the following benefits:



Zenithtel metro core and access solution, including DCI T500/T300 , OTN based multi-service aggregation T600, multi-rate WDM T200 and FTTx T800/T900, is shown by Fig 2.  

Open Network Management Solution

Zenithtel’s product are managed with OpenConfig based network management API, which can be directly managed by carrier’s controllers or network management system. Zenithtel’s Network Management System (TNMS) supports full network management functions of FCAPS ( Fault management, Configuration management, Accounting management, Performance management and Security management). Zenithtel’s embedded Graphic User Interface provides full functionalities and easy equipment management for end users.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Zenithtel’s end to end product portfolio is shown by Fig 3.


Fig. 3


  - T200 is 10G/25G OEO WDM product which is sed for 100’s Gigabit bandwidth connection between edge data centers, multi-campus sites, remote residential Optical Line Terminals (OLT) and mobile xhaul in F5G and 5G fiber optical networks.

  - T600 is metro edge aggregation and switch product for multiple services of OTN, Ethernet and SDH signals. The aggregated 10G signals can be connected to T500 or T200 for longer distance transmission.

  - T800 and T900 are GPON/XG(S)-PON based OLT and ONU FTTx products. It is suitable for both carriers and enterprise networks. Combined with Zenithtel core and metro edge products of T500, T600 and T200, the FTTx product forms the end-to-end optical fiber communication solutions for our customers.

  - Transponder/Muxponder and Line System functionalities are implemented within the same chassis. ROI is maximized by sled-based architecture for a multi-generational operation.

   - The total cost of ownership is greatly decreased by more capacity at longer reaches, a compact footprint, low power consumption per bits and easy operation

  - Add as you grow by smoothly expanding capacity when and how bandwidth is needed, which eliminates the up-front cost of buying all the hardware on day one and the associated Capex

  - Simplified turn-up and network management with easy installation, quick service turn-up, monitoring and configuration which reduce greatly the Opex

  - Open Network with YANG based API to enable standard north bound interface and multi-vendor equipment management which prevents the end customers being locked with single vendor and promotes heathier supply chain in optical communication industry


Zenithtel’s T500 and T300 series of product is for multi-terabit Data Center Interconnection (DCI) in metropolitan area or wide area networking, with the capacities of 100Gb/s to 1.2Tb/s per wavelength in the extended C+L bands. Enabled by over 100G baud rate components and SD-WAN (Soft Defined-Wide Area Networking) technologies, the connected data centers can provide services in metropolitan area or over a long haul distance, as shown by Fig 1.