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T620 Series OTN product


The T620 series OTN intelligent optical network equipment is located in metro access and aggregation layer networks, providing the best solution for multi-service reliable transmission and aggregation with low latency, low jitter, and data burst for operators' wireless and wired networks and various enterprise networks. This series of products realizes OTN, SDH, packet and other types of services, multiple granularity centralized switching, and provides 2M ~ 10Gbps arbitrary rate access for all services, making it the best choice for efficiently composing all-optical transmission networks.

T620 series products have the following characteristics:

  • 1U/3U/5U height, support 8/16 service slots with compact modules.
  • Support 2M~10G rate service access backhaul in metro/access network.   
  • Support a maximum of 320G OTN capacity, 320G packet capacity, 160G high-order and 10G low-order SDH capacity, and supports mapping and multiplexing of multiple services to ODUk (k=0, 1, 2, 2e, flex).
  • Provide multiple network-level protections.
  • Support OTN in-band management.
  • Provide a complete network management system, easy to implement configuration, maintenance, alarm/performance query, log management.
  • Support device-level redundancy protection on controller and switching card, power supply, fan, and clock sections.
  • Support AC and DC power supply.
  • Support power drop alarm (Flight Data Record) function.
  • Support energy-saving and consumption-reducing method such as de-enabling unused ports, turning off power supply to unused service boards, and automatically controlling the speed of fans.
  • High integration, light weight, low deployment cost, and flexible installation.

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