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Metro Edge WDM Product


T210 series of metro edge WDM product are the industry's leading modular, highly integrated optical line transmission equipment. Its rich functional modules, flexible networking capabilities, and multi-line rate interfaces make it suitable for total 100’s Gigabit bandwidth connection per fiber between edge data centers, multi-campus sites, remote residential Optical Line Terminals (OLT) and mobile xhaul in F5G and 5G networks. The product can be used to build up point-to-point, multi-span relay networks and ring networks. T210 series of metro edge WDM product have the following characteristics:


  • Three types of chassis with 1/2/5U in height, which support 4/8/20 service slots
  • 220V AC and 48V DC power supply
  • Various OEO sleds with multiple data rates and signal types
  • C band line amplification for 48 channels with a variety of fixed gain options and variable gain options
  • Support bi-directional OSC
  • Support fixed dispersion compensation board (40 ~ 300 KM) and tunable dispersion compensation
  • Support optical line protection
  • Support standalone mux/demux equipment and mux/demux cards with options of 4/8/16 channels
  • Support CLI and network management system

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